Cloud security protects business where it lives

Your applications are in the cloud and users are everywhere. Your security can’t be tied to the data center.

Why Cloud Security?

Security for everyone on the network

Traditional network security made sense when all your applications were hosted in the data center and users were all on the network. But with apps moving to the cloud, and users increasingly mobile, the stacks of appliances sitting in the data center are increasingly irrelevant. This model forces all traffic through the centralized data center for security and access controls—a complex configuration that results in a terrible user experience.

Cloud applications like Office 365 were designed to be accessed directly through local internet breakouts. Zscaler cloud security enables local breakouts with full security controls.

Zscaler delivers the DMZ as a service, with AV inspection, Next-Gen Firewall, Sandbox, Advanced Threat Protection, URL Filters, SSL Inspection, and more —all in a unified platform service. It’s airtight security without the cost and complexity of stacks of appliances, and it delivers a fast, secure user experience, whether users connect from an office, coffee shop, or airport, at home or abroad.