Is G Suite Migrate right for Our organization?

G Suite Migrate allows you to quickly move large amounts of content into a G Suite account. With G Suite Migrate you can manage large-scale migrations into multiple G Suite core services from a single place.

You can run G Suite Migrate from the cloud or on premises, or as a combination of the two. The product operates separately on your managed software so administrators can control the timing and destination of a migration.

Your data stays secure on your network. Data that’s migrated to G Suite is still owned by you and Google does not sell your data to third parties. There is no advertising in G Suite and we never collect or use data from G Suite services for any advertising purposes.

Who is G Suite Migrate for?

G Suite Migrate is specifically targeted to enterprise and corporate customers. It’s designed for clients with complicated environments and substantial corporate data sets.

To use G Suite Migrate, you must have one of the following G Suite editions (compare editions):