PACE INFOTECH is a global software services and IT company. It was founded with a very clear mission: to help its customers in designing, developing, testing, and managing software solutions. Today, we continue operating within this mission, broadening the scope of our services and demonstrating strong capabilities in delivering robust systems.

PACE INFOTECH founded in June 1999 as a specialised venture catering to the Package software market requirements. The company has come into being as a result of coming together of 4 persons who have been in the field of software for over 12 years.

PACE INFOTECH has been delivering a wide-range of IT-related solutions and services to major domestic and international customers, including many Fortune 500 companies.

PACE INFOTECH had been appointed as IBM Notes/Domino Consultants by M/s SCICI Limited. It has also provided legal software and corporate training to M/s ABN AMRO, M/s DSP MERRILL LYNCH. Ltd., Skanska (Kvaerner) Cementation India Ltd., Deutsche Bank, Central Bank of India, SGS India Limited, J. P. Morgan, Lupin Ltd, Tata-AIG Life Insurance Ltd., DHL Worldwide, OM Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Ltd. etc.

PACE INFOTECH We are a growing, vibrant and experienced team of consultants worked extensively on onsite and offshore activities and having been in leading organizations with expertise in SAP Business One, mySAP ERP and other ERP Applications.

We are committed to collaborating with companies for unleashing their true potential. Our systematic transformation strategy builds on the expertise to deploy business and IT systems that facilitate superior financial performance and enhance customer satisfaction thus achieve.

The company has internal and dedicated client development centers in Mumbai, Pune and Thane in the India.

Growth Is Our Philosophy

PACE INFOTECH ’s dedication to growth is not only part of our corporate strategy but is also a philosophy that underlines our business development efforts. We have created a strong foundation to ensure continuous and qualitative growth. This foundation consists of a robust and flexible client engagement model, the development of stronger and increasingly productive business relations with existing clients, progressive human resource programs, and customer-centric services.

Company growth is fostered via an array of activities and internal policies. Our training and career development policies encourage our staff to acquire new skills and competences in the latest and most in-demand technologies by offering broad career and training opportunities. Regular quality audits and improvements to our service offerings and our client-focused approach lead to healthy, mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships.

Today more than ever, creating the highest degree of organization and efficiency within an SAP staffing effort are paramount. Effectiveness in the face of day-to-day challenges can be optimized by the utilization of Staffing Management services, such as those provided by Pace Infotech India Private Limited.

Under this approach, PACE infotech on- or off-site team of staffing professionals becomes the primary point of contact for all of your organization’s SAP staffing needs. Proven client-driven processes for recruiting, testing, interviewing, administration, and supervision of contract personnel are applied and managed by us.

By bringing an SAP staffing department to your site and assuming the responsibility of managing your supplemental staffing program, we can facilitate a partner-quality relationship that allows your organization to focus on its real business and maximize its resources.

Because many technology-driven businesses are short on resources to recruit and manage skilled professionals, the value of Managed Staffing solutions – including improved productivity and lower costs – are being realized and turned into a competitive edge.

PACE infotech has been growing at over 100% every year since its inception and. Pace Infotech, with its experience in ERP Consulting Services (Implementation, Support, Rollout), Corporate Training and Resourcing and its partnerships with leading IT Companies is keen to assist you for any SAP Related work.

A Major Contributor To IT Development

We believe that the growth of our company is not viable without the simultaneous development of India’ IT industries, the continuous development of highly qualified IT resources and the general improvement of the country’s social and economic situation. We put much effort into promoting India’s IT industry development. As an IT leader, we are dedicated to the development of India’s hi-tech industry and the creation of new IT jobs in India.

PACE INFOTECH participates in an array of education assistance programs for students and provides internship programs and grants for outstanding IT students studying in India. As part of an international IT initiative, PACE INFOTECH retrains highly qualified nuclear engineers and scientists to become IT specialists.

Excellent Reputation

PACE INFOTECH is proud of the reputation it has built among its clients. We have a 100% success rate according to client satisfaction surveys and feedback. Our company is referenced in many prestigious media sources, both in India and abroad. PACE INFOTECH owes its success to its long-term relationships with multinational IT, manufacturing, energy, financial services, and aerospace companies which have given the company a solid knowledge base and the means to grow vertical industry expertise. PACE INFOTECH enjoys close relationships with all its customers and has built a reputation for creative problem solving and the delivery of innovative solutions. The company’s client list includes such multinational corporations as , Citibank, ABN Amro Bank , Deutsche Bank, and Hindustan Petroleum. PACE INFOTECH is the proud winner of the title “The Microsoft Certified Technical Partner”.


Modern businesses depend on strong partnerships for providing end-to-end solutions. We believe in partnering with the best in the industry. Following are a few of our partners who we try to emulate and learn from

Our People

PACE INFOTECH is proud of its people. In hiring India’s top technical specialists PACE INFOTECH implements a thorough selection process. We assess not only the technical competence of potential employees but also their communication skills, English proficiency, management potential, and psychological traits. Employees are carefully selected against a list of requirements critical for the position he/she is applying for. Some of the requirements include leadership qualities, prudence, and the ability to work in a team environment. Employees become permanent after a 3-month trial period if their Trial Performance Review is successful. This effective selection process builds effective project teams, and results in an enjoyable work experience for all. Our company offers attractive compensation packages, training and educational services, and career opportunities that combine to create an atmosphere conducive to the full professional development of our employees. PACE INFOTECH has developed a Performance Appraisal Program comprised of the following:

a) A well-defined and documented Grading System that defines technical and communication skills requirements.

b) An annual Performance Appraisal Session. The assessment program evaluates the achievement of both corporate and personal goals, defines new goals, rates employee skill levels and professional growth, and facilitates the creation of appropriate individual career development plans.

c) Training and Professional development. HR prepares a professional development plan for each employee that is customized according to performance appraisal results. In line with Pace Infotech ’s strategy to attract, train and employ India’s best talent, PACE INFOTECH works closely with the top Indian Technical University and winner of numerous international programming competitions


Mr. Martin Rodrigues

Co-Founder & Director

He is Science Graduate from K. C. College, Mumbai, and Advanced Diploma Holder in Systems Management from NIIT and Diploma holder in Business Management from XIM. He has a total experience of over Twenty years in the software industry as Manager- Corporate Sales.

He spearheaded various projects in the areas of Enterprise Security solutions


Mr. L. H. Talreja

Director, India Operations

He is a Computer Software Engineer from Vivekanand College, Mumbai and has more than Twenty years of experience in this software industry. He has worked as a Business Manager, Techno-commercial and as Marketing Manager for M/s GEBBS INDIA LTD and M/s MEDILINE in the last five years of his twenty years job experience.

His entrepreneurial skills have lead to the foundation of Pace Infotech



Director, India Operations

He is MBA from Mumbai University, and Advanced Diploma Holder in Systems Management. He has a total experience of over Twenty years in the software industry as Manager- Corporate Sales.

He played an instrumental role in forging a strategic partnership with the likes of IBM, HP, Sun and Citrix He is responsible for providing IT services to a host of multinational clients for their global operations for application development which was carried out of the ODCs (offshore development centers )


Mr. Prasad Kshirsagar

Co-Founder & CTO

He is a Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE), Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) and Diploma holder in Software Engineering. Advanced Diploma in Network Management from TATA INFOTECH LTD.

He had worked as software Engineer in the field of the Training & Support for more than two years, and then worked as Manager-Technical Support for last Twenty years by now.

Currently works as a Systems Consultant for Major System Integration Company.