Our core competence is building integrated business solutions for our clients in Manufacturing and BFSI segment. We have also spent a good long time in helping our clients setting up S/W infrastructure Our capability includes following skill sets

Programming Languages


Operating Systems

Programming Tools

Applications/Web Servers

Technology Audit

We understand that every business today needs automation. Information Technology plays a vital role in almost every vertical industry to provide miniscule to high end robust solution on which all the operations in business run. However, as we know that all these business functions works on certain norms, standards & predefined rules it is imperative that the systems they rely on need to produce correct results. This makes it necessary for us to provide extended service of Quality Assurance through audits.

Code Reviews:

Although we make sure that systems are build based on the right requirements and are tested thoroughly, it is still necessary to review the code for its scalability, performance & standards which makes the system work perfect and simpler to maintain. We conduct regular code reviews for not only our development projects but also extend this service to our clients for third party code reviews.

We primarily rely on manual reviews in addition to tool driven e.g. Agile Review, Jupiter etc. Some of the the important parameters for which code is reviewed

Software Asset Audit:

This service is essential and we engage ourselves in this on case to case basis. There are many tools available to help with this however; at times our clients wish to take this activity as internal audit for them to gain more insight in licensing. The rely on us for the analytical input for them to be able to maintain and manage the entire asset library of software licenses being used, required, procured and distributed amongst their employees. This ensures the optimal utilsation of the available resources and reduces the spending on software if there are already unused licenses available in library.